Vent A Fume Gas Ventilation

Vent A Fume Gas Ventilation has been in business for over 20 years, providing gas ventilation solutions to a wide variety of clients. Without a doubt, their main goal is to get rid of any potentially hazardous fumes or particles by providing periodic circulation of air; by doing so, they are ensuring that their customers will enjoy indoor air of the highest quality. Furthermore, the engineers at Vent A Fume Gas Ventilation have made sure that their products remain very easy to use and that their customers don’t have a hard time installing their vents and pipes.

Advantages of Choosing Vent a Fume

The Vent A Fume Gas Ventilation Company has managed to develop different systems, such as the very well-known Vent a Kiln system. This particular ventilation system is fully equipped with vents that are capable of ventilating not only gas but also heat at the same time, and this is done without causing any interference or malfunctioning in the vents. Likewise, there are other advantages that are associated with choosing Vent A Fume Gas Ventilation as your preferred gas ventilation supplier, such as:

  • Accurate heat up time
  • No disturbance of the firing balance
  • Uniformchanges in temperature
  • No cold spots found in the interior of the system
  • Acceptance of credit cards, checks and money orders for payment
  • Warranty of 3 years

Types of Venting Offered by Vent A Fume Gas Ventilation

Besides being compliant with the guidelines established by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), Vent A Fume Gas Ventilation is extremely responsible when it comes to providing safety products and additional accessories. Additionally, part of their policy also includes individual sale, which means that the customer has the freedom to choose if they would like these accessories alone or bundled with the system. A few of these gas ventilation safety products are:

  • Pulleys
  • Mini-Time Controllers
  • Clamps
  • Safety Screens
  • Swinging Wall Brackets
  • Blowers
  • Duct Exhaust
  • Support Brackets

All of the aforementioned accessories can be purchased as brand new for individual use, or they can be used as replacement parts. Keep in mind that this list of accessories is constantly changing, and there are times when there is no overstock available and some parts may not be for sale at all.

Ordering Long Ducts

The Vent A Fume Gas Ventilation Company has been well-known for the manufacturing of long ducts, which come in handy when installing your gas ventilation system. Additionally, the client has the freedom to request a gas ventilation system that is completely custom made, where Vent A Fume Gas Ventilation followsthe guidelines and measures specified by the client. Some of the most popular requests are regarding long ducts, which are widely used in the installation of gas ventilation systems for basements. Many customers contact Vent A Fume Gas Ventilation because they want to find out what is the longest duct run that they can have made, and the answer is the following:

  • 265 CMF fan – 10 ft. hose / one 90° elbow
  • 500 CMF fan – 10 ft. hose / two 90° elbows


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