Lindab Gas Ventilation

Lindab Gas Ventilation Company is a group that engineers and distributes a wide catalogue of ventilation products. Lindab has managed to expand their business to a large number of countries around the world, and besides gas ventilation, the company also produces building components and building systems. Moreover, Lindab Gas VentilationCompany is determined to provide business solutions without impacting the environment in a negative way, which has helped them expand their business to more countries. Currently, Lindab Gas Ventilation Company counts with about 4,500 employees in total and with presence in 31 different countries.

Getting to Know Lindab Gas Ventilation

Lindab Gas Ventilation Company was first established 55 years ago in the city of Lidhult, Sweden. In the beginning, the founding group was composed of a few Swedish sheet metal workers, who were looking to unite forces in order to reach more customers. Surprisingly, their portfolio of customers started to grow and they soon after registered officially as a gas ventilation company. Just a few years later, theiroperations expanded throughout the country opening their headquarters in Bastad, Sweden. In the following years, they had gained recognition in other countries in Europe and later on in the American content. Today, Lindab Gas Ventilation Company can be found in 31 countries, where they offer complete gas ventilation solutions, along with building components, research and development.

Advantages of Hiring Lindab

It happens to be no secret that Lindab Gas Ventilation Company has become one of the strongest and most reliable companies in the world. Certainly, this has been made possible due to their numerous years of expertise, and their dedication to provide top-notch gas ventilation services, not only in the United States but in the world. Given the fact that there are several gas ventilation companies, you probably would like to shop around and request estimates for comparison before settling for Lindab; however, there are quite a few advantages of hiring Lindab Gas Ventilation Company, such as:

  • Extremely fast service anywhere in the U.S.
  • Gaskets and materials engineered with durable rubber
  • Heavy-duty materialsthat ensure a long-lasting system
  • Rolled edges fittings with higherprecision
  • No leaks due to their double-lipped sealing gasket
  • Complete air tightness that also help prevent leaks
  • Simplified installation made possible by Lindab Gas Ventilation Company

Tools for Gas Ventilation

When it comes time to mount a gas ventilation system, there are countless tools that come into play for a successful installation. Surely, every gas ventilation provider has their own set of tools to use, but Lindab Gas Ventilation Company is one of the best-known to be very innovative in their practices. These tools have been the results of the hard work put forth by their Research & Development department, and they have come to revolutionize the gas ventilation industry in the U.S. Furthermore, some of the newest tools engineered by Lindab Gas Ventilation Companyfall under the following categories:

  • SR Cutter and accessories
  • Measuring equipment
  • Trolley and side bars
  • Smart tools for vents and pipes
  • SRDL – Manually operated lifts


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