Tempest Gas Ventilation

Having an old basement sounds like the perfect area where to place your gas heater, but many people are not aware that the accumulation of humidity and the lack of ventilation can be hazardous to you and your family. Perhaps you are aware that numerous gas appliances are in need of at least a certain level of ventilation, but you’re not sure how to hire a contractor to do the job for you. The truth is that there are countless suppliers and contractors that offer gas ventilation services, such as the well-knownTempest Gas Ventilation, which happens to be a popular company among firefighters. The reason for their popularity is the success of their Belt-Drive Blower, which has been used for many years for fire department applications.

Learning With Tempest Gas Ventilation

Despite the fact that gas ventilation has been widely used for gas appliances, it can also be used for other purposes, such as the training that firefighters receive. Certainly, firefighters need to go through a training period, where they practice in real-life scenarios, and in these scenarios they need to recreate the disastrous conditions of a real fire. This is where Tempest Gas Ventilation comes in, since they have an entire line of different blowers and power ventilators that help them mitigate the fire and debris. Furthermore, Tempest Gas Ventilation has a dedicated Training Center on their website, where they have two programs available: Positive Pressure Attack (PPA) and Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV).

Types of Rescue Blowers

Whenever firefighters start their training program with Tempest Gas Ventilation, they make use of the famous blowers. These blowers are used due to their strong power to blow fast winds, and they are built with sturdy steel frames and composite impellers, which make them truly one of a kind. There are two basic types of blowers engineered by Tempest Gas Ventilation, which are the Tempest Fire Rescue Blowers and the Tempest Industrial Blowers; however, under these two categories lay the rest of the blowers made by the popular Tempest Gas Ventilation Company, such as:

  • Balloon Inflator & Blower
  • Electric Blower
  • Changing Speeds Tempest Blower
  • Blower Accessories

Where to Find a Local Dealer

If you have decided you want to give the blowers a try, you should contact Tempest Gas Ventilation directly, or visit one of their local dealers. They have a great number of stores spread all over the United States, and you should be able to find one close to you. If you are unsure on where your nearest Tempest Gas Ventilation dealer is, you can log on directly to their official website and follow their guidelines:

  • Tempest Gas Ventilation has an individual dealer for each category
  • Golf/Turf
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Fire Fighting /Rescue
  • Industrial
    • Includes commercial and rental
    • Enter your zip code and  a list of your closes dealers will be generated
  • Depending on the category, you can contact the  Customer Service Departmentby email or phone
  • Decide which is the blower of your interest
  • Consider Industrial Blowers for businesses
  • Once you have purchased the blower you will have the choice to join one of the training programs

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