Gas Ventilation Suppliers

Nowadays, most of the homes built in the United States include a gas line for appliances such as gas heaters and boilers. Many years ago, people had to heat up a kettle if they wanted to take a hot bath, but today this has changed with the help of gas ventilation suppliers. Gas appliances include any equipment that needs to be connected to the gas line in order to function correctly, but what many people tend to forget is the importance of having adequate ventilation. Usually, gas heaters and gas boilers are installed in the basement of the house, where it’s very damp and humid. This is where gas ventilation suppliers come in the picture, because the area needs to be made safe by installing vents and pipes. 

Significance of Gas Ventilation

The main reason why gas ventilation is extremely important is the safety that it provides to your home. Most people are unaware that gas needs a certain level of oxygen in order to combust properly, and gas ventilation suppliers make sure this happens by installing the appropriate vents and pipes. Moreover, the air needs to have a way to circulate in order to take away the particles that could pose a threat to your health, and by doing so, you are protecting your house from bacteria. In fact, gas ventilation suppliers are experts in making sure your basement doesn’t get covered with mold and mildew, because by having proper air ventilation, humidity won’t have a chance to accumulate.

Ventilation for Gas Appliances

There are different types of gas appliances that can be incorporated in a house for everyday use. Some of them are flueless, while others are open flue, which are a lot easier to manage because the estimation of the ventilation needed relies mostly on the heat input. Moreover, gas ventilation suppliers are capable of installing the system that you need, regardless of the gas appliance that you have. In addition, some of the most common appliances are flueless, and gas ventilation suppliers usually install them using the following guidelines:

  • Water heater –Room needs at least 5m3 of space for installation with a max. heat input of 11kW
  • Fireplace in hallway –Max. heat input allowed of 90 watt per meter cube
  • Gas Grill –No minimum room space or heat input required
  • Fireplace in room –Max. heat input allowed of 45 watt per meter cube

Finding Reliable Gas Ventilation Suppliers

Whether you’re a new homeowner or not, it’s critical that you make sure you have the contact information of a gas ventilation supplier handy. Every type of gas appliance needs to receive proper maintenance, at least every certain number of years, just to make sure that they’re working properly. Keep in mind that during the combustion process, gas can be converted to poisonous fumes if it doesn’t receive the right amount of oxygen. Furthermore, you may contact gas ventilation suppliers by searching the Better Business Bureau for reliable providers, such as:

  • Echo-Tech Roofing & Construction
  • Area Wide Services, Inc.
  • Energy Attic
  • Foil Barrier Insulation
  • Landmark Energy Solutions


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