JCI Gas Ventilation

Whenever your gas heater starts to give out on you, and you decide that it’s time to have a contractor take a look at it, you should consider hiring JCI Gas Ventilation Company. Most homeowners know that they have some type of gas appliance in their home, but they are not aware of the proper maintenance that is needed, such as making sure that there is a gas ventilation system installed that guarantees fresh air. The main reason why gas ventilation is so important is the fact that gas needs certain amount of oxygen in order to combust properly, and if this doesn’t happen, then poisonous fumes might be expelled.

Taking Advantage of Humidity Transmitters

JCI Gas Ventilation Company is proud to offer various lines of very sophisticatedtools and devices, such as the humidity transmitters. As you may know, when you have a gas appliance in your basement, it’s easier for mold or mildew to appear, due to the constant sweating of the tank and to the lack of air circulation. Moreover, being the basement so isolated, damp and cold, it presents the perfect conditions for humidity to form. However, by installing one of the All-Polymer Humidity Transmitters designed by JCI Gas Ventilation Company, you will be able to resist chemical corrosion due to its dual sensing feature. Currently, JCI Gas Ventilation Company is offering different models of these transmitters, and some of them are:

  • Surface Duct Mount
  • Standard Wall
  • Metastat Wall Mount

Automatic Vent Damper System

Another incredible piece of equipment that JCI Gas Ventilation Company has been able to manufacture is the Automatic Vent Damper System. Certainly, many businesses have already made use of this damper system, given its numerous and very attractive characteristics, such as working properly with gas ventilation setups that include gas boilers and furnaces. Keep in mind that in order to install the Automatic Vent Damper System, you must get in touch with aJCI Gas VentilationCompany representative first. Some of the most notable characteristics of the damper are:

  • No need to manually start the system
  • Compatible with many different appliances that are gas-fired
  • Extremely efficient
  • Saves energy
  • Retains heat that would otherwise escape via the open flue
  • Smart built in design that shuts down the system if needed
  • To be used with two gas valves (automatic)
  • Made of stainless steel and galvanized steel for added sturdiness
  • Easy to use front label with power indicator

Why Choose JCI Gas Ventilation?

Without a doubt, JCI Gas Ventilation Company offers a wide variety of products that have been developed with the uttermost care. The technology used has allowed many homeowners take full advantage of the features of their gas ventilation systems, as well as their additional tools and accessories. JCI Gas Ventilation Company continues to grow by providing their clients with solutions to their needs, but at the same time, the company learns from them. Moreover, you should consider hiring JCI Gas Ventilation Companybecause they have a very strong philanthropic agenda, where they arrange charity funds for numerous causes.


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