Selkirk Gas Ventilation

Surely, there are numerous gas ventilation companies in the United States that have been installingentire ventilation systems for many years now. One of those companies is Selkirk Gas Ventilation Company, which was first founded in 1925 in San Francisco, CA. Even though the company was first named Williams-Wallace Co., there are still many people that are aware of the name transition. Nonetheless, regardless of the name they chose to have, Selkirk Gas Ventilation Company has a reputable history of well-performed gas ventilation installations in both houses and large businesses.

A Bit of History on Selkirk

Selkirk Gas Ventilation Company was founded more than 85 years ago by two friends who were looking forward to opening the market for stove pipes and fittings. Very quickly, their business started to pick up and their sales started to soar almost immediately after their inauguration. Just about eight years after Selkirk Gas Ventilation Company first opened, the founders developed the very first insulated chimney, which hit the market like a storm since it was the first of its kind. This led to more research and development of new tools and products that would make gas ventilation a lot easier to install. As the years went by, Selkirk Gas Ventilation Company started to expand in the United States and they opened stores in Ohio and then Canada and Mexico, making it one of the largest gas ventilation companies in the world.

Choosing Selkirk Gas Ventilation Company

There are many reasons why you should choose Selkirk Gas Ventilation Company, but the most important reason is their vast knowledge in the gas ventilation field. Certainly, they have been one of the most innovative companies in the industry and their products have proven to be one of the best in the market. Moreover, their official website is extremely user-friendly, since they have made sure to include all the tools that you will need on your first visit, such as the ‘Dealer Locator’ tool. This tool gives you the option to select ‘Do it Yourself’ or ‘Professional Install’, which gives you a better idea on how Selkirk Gas Ventilation Company works. In addition, they have included a ‘Help Desk’ section, which has been especially made for their customers, where you will be able to navigate the following options:

  • Registration form
  • Literature forms and downloads
  • Knowledgebase
  • Registration of your product
  • Warranty information and claims

Different Selkirk Models

After so many years of being in operation, Selkirk Gas Ventilation Company has managed to compile a wide catalogue of products. With the creativity that has characterized them ever since the beginning, Selkirk Gas Ventilation Companyhas never fallen behind in the Research & Development department, where they make sure to listen to the ideas of all of their employees. Moreover, they have also developed a new department where they handle their large industrial clients with more specific needs. Nevertheless, their smaller and simpler products continue to be some of the most popular ones, such as:

  • Selkirk Gas Vent Pipe
  • Selkirk Gas Vent Storm
  • Selkirk ADJ  Flashing
  • Selkirk Pipe Collar

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