Gas Ventilation

When buying a home in a cold region, you want to make sure that an indoor fireplace is included with your purchase. Surely, having your own fireplace gives you a sense of satisfaction and even of romanticism if you’re looking to spend quality time with your spouse. Moreover, some fireplaces operate on gas, just as the regular gas heaters and water heaters of your home. However, many homeowners tend to forget about the importance of gas ventilation, which ensures that your fireplace or any other gas appliance is capable of performing the combustion process with no problems. This is due to the fact that gas needs a certain amount of oxygen in order to combust properly, and if this doesn’t happen, then toxic fumes may be released in your home.

Gas Appliances and Proper Ventilation

Even though all gas appliances work with gas, there are three basic types of appliances, which are categorized as follows:

  • Room sealed – take the air from the exterior and release it in the interior
  • Flueless – lack of flue/chimney
  • Open flue – not for bathroom area

As you can see, there are a few differences among the types of gas appliances, which makegas ventilation work just a little bit different for each of them. First of all, the most secure type of gas appliance is the room sealed category, because even though it benefits from gas ventilation, there wouldn’t be drastic consequencesif ventilation was not available. On the other hand, flueless and open flue appliances need gas ventilation enormously, because toxic gases can be produced if there is no adequate ventilation in the room.

Gas Ventilation Plus Cleaning

Given the advancement in technology, many gas ventilation providers are starting to incorporate other services with the installation of their vents and pipes. One of the most popular services is gas cleaning, which makes use of a special machine to remove particles and oil in a centrifugal manner. Not only is this service innovative but it also happens to be quite eco-friendly, since it helps decrease the amount of emissions released by the gas appliance. Moreover, it’s critical that you don’t forget to look into arranging the installation of a gas ventilation system by a local provider. If you’re looking to buy a new home, make sure to find out if there is ventilation already installed and available.

Who to Call for Gas Ventilation?

Certainly, it’s very important to know who to call when you’re in need of a gas ventilation system to be installed. There are numerous providers that have been offering the service for many years, and even though some may be better-known than others, there are agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Better Business Bureau that can help you locate a reliable gas ventilation company. Not only are those contractors reliable but they are also licensed and aware of the regulations stated by the law. A few of these gas ventilation contractors are:

  • Suburban Heating & Gas Ventilation
  • Prosper Air
  • Jelf Group PLC
  • Majestic Heating & Ventilation
  • Kerr Controls HVACR


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