Marine Oil And Gas Ventilation

The majority of homeowners know what it means to install an entire gas ventilation system in their home, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses and to ensure safe combustion. However, there are other structures that need to have a ventilation system installed, such asships and oil drilling platforms that are located in the middle of the ocean. The companies that service these customers offer an entire catalogue of marine oil and gas ventilation products, where they cover everything from airflow units to complete networks of pipes and ventilation structures. 

Marine Oil and Gas Ventilation for Ships

One of the largest customers of marine oil and gas ventilation companies are cruises, which are massive ships that carry hundreds of passengers overseas. As you may already know, these ships spend many days cruising on the waters of the Pacific Ocean or the wonderful rivers of Europe. Therefore, in order to keep everything up and running on the ship, they need to install ventilation systems that cover the entire vessel. To do so, cruise companies have to hire a provider that offers marine oil and gas ventilation systems, which in turn will make sure the ships, have galley ducts and a comfortable environment temperature. Part of the features thatmarine oil and gas ventilation companies offer the cruise lines are:

  • Stainless steel diffusers
  • Gallery hoods and canopies with installed local ventilation
  • Sophisticated UV-light technology for grease filtration
  • Low airflow rates
  • Condensate canopies

Meeting the Demands of the Offshore Industry

Without a doubt, the offshore industry is one of the most demanding industries in the entire world. There are numerous clients that include commercial ships and passenger ships, which are in constant need of the services of a reliable marine oil and gas ventilation company. In order to succeed, these marine oil and gas ventilationcompanies must provide top notch services by meeting all the demands presented by their very important clients. Not only do they have to be able to install first-class equipment, but they also have to be aware of their impact on the environment. Moreover, Fläkt Woods is one of the largest marine oil and gas ventilation suppliers in the entire world and they are known not only for their superb service, but also because they are environmentally conscious.

Finding a Reliable Contractor

Despite the fact that the entire offshore industry has been experiencing financial difficulties, there is still a high demand for marine oil and gas ventilation services. Most of them only hire contractors with a proven record of responsible work and they tend to build long-lasting business relationships with the same. However, marine oil and gas ventilation systems can also be installed in smaller ships, such as yachts and boats, which people use to go on family vacations or to host interesting parties. In addition, some of the best-known contractors that can install top-notch marine oil and gas ventilation systems are:

  • Halton Marine
  • Fläkt Woods
  • Eddhelms Marine Parts
  • MTU Oil & Gas
  • Sevan Marine
  • Heinen & Hopman Engineering
  • Wozair Limited


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