Home Gas Ventilation

Having home gas ventilation is extremely necessary when you have a gas heater installed, especially because there are Federal rules that mandate the installing company to follow them for security reasons. Ignorance of these rules can cause serious accidents that can be fatal, and also expensive fines that you and the installer would have to pay. Nowadays, the homes are built very insulated, so that the temperature inside can be maintained to save power consumption. 

Importance of Home Gas Ventilation

Many homeowners tend to overlook the importance of having home gas ventilation, especially if they have an old gas boiler in their basement. What makes home gas ventilation so important is the fact that oxygen is needed in order to complete combustion for gas; for 1 cubic meter of gas, you need ten cubic meters of air for complete combustion successfully.  If the adequate quantity of air is not supplied, the effectiveness of the fuel is decreased and potentially hazardous fumes will be released to the atmosphere. This can be avoided by installing a complete home gas ventilation system, which will make the air circulate periodically and not giving a chance for the particles to accumulate.

Flueless appliances are those types of equipment that use the air of the room and release the combusted products into the same room. They come mostly without ventilation and need at least twenty square feet of room for installation; while, open fuel appliances use the air of the room but release its byproducts outside with the use of chimneys. A fair example isa fireplace: a fireplacedoesn’t work properly in closed areas, but when they are installed in small living areas, there must be provision that the fire will set out automatically if the heat increases.

Home Gas Ventilation Not Working Properly

The flues are an essential part of the gas appliances of your home and also of your home gas ventilation system. Certainly, there will be times when one of them is not working properly, in which case you would have to contact a licensed contractor or the manufacturer. Moreover, both the gas appliance and homegas ventilation are not working properly when:

  • If the walls of the appliance have become discolored, you must switch off the appliance immediately and call your licensed contractor. This is a sign that carbon monoxide is forming and reacting with the color and it might be acase of not working flues.
  • If the ducting has holes then gas is not combusting properly
  • The flue cowl must be adequately fixed, where it doesn’t allow any birds or objects inside
  • If the ducts are closed, you must contact the licensed contractor to open them permanently.

Companies That Sell Home Gas Ventilation

Alliance for Healthy Homes is one popular company in the market that can provide you with complete solutions regarding your home gas ventilation. Proper gas ventilation can improve the quality of air flowing in your home; other companies that offer home gas ventilation services are:

  • Honey Well 
  • NW Natural
  • Johnson & Peterson


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